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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We got a FLIR thermal camera in our lab somewhat recently. We took it out yesterday and did a cheesy lab photo, but found the resolution kinda stinks. So we also did photos of individuals so you could see more. Pretty cool.

Sweatshirt vs. t shirt is cool. Effect of beard. The heat from my desktop computer coming out the back of it and warming the wall.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Qupe library tasting

As a wine club perk Qupe did a tasting of 2 different vintages for a couple of their wines, so you could see the effect of aging and different weather and stuff. Erin and Charlie came along and it was great fun. Also, we saw a coyote on the way in and a bobcat on the way out! Full album here.

Bob the Qupe vintner
playing around, not sure which one I like more

it was at the winery they share with Au Bon Climat
Thomas and Sara at the $$ Syrah station
chit chatting with the 16mm fisheye

winery pooch. he gets around
they were having a fruit fly out break
Elvis was still in the building
outside scenery

we say him on the way back on the Foxen Canyon rd

Qupe library tasting macros

 playin' around with the 105mm macro

Nectarine tree

 a little 105mm macro action

Random food pics

 meatballs, beet greens, red sauce
 massaged kale salad, lately I've been making it with leftover brine from preserved lemons in place of salt. good.
 asparagus and potato salad from the garden
 flippin' divine kale salad with humboldt fog on a stale leftover croissant from Keely's defense. soooo goooooood.

Blue Corn Masa

We got some organic blue corn masa from La Guera Tamalera in LA. No more Maseca for us... Quesadillas with fresh masa are so good...

with a little leftover salsa from Los Agaves. Meh. Frutiland in Arroyo Grande is so much better.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RIP Harold Ramis


writer Animal House, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day
director Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation, Groundhog Day
actor Stripes, Ghostbusters

some pretty fine comedies.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Garden 12 Feb

 almond tree flower
 Crocosmia, i think

Mujadra / Mejadra

Spelling, grain, spices are different in every recipe, but basically it's lentils + a grain + allspice / tomato paste with onions on top. It's damn good. I've been making the Claudia Roden version for at least 15 years. Hers uses bulghur, red lentils, and caramelized onions. In 'Jerusalem' they use rice, green lentils, and deep fried onions. It's all good. We've been making it lately with freekeh, green lentils, and leek tops and swiss chard cooked with the grains. Great cheap nutritious dish. It's of Syrian orgin, eaten during Lent if you gave up meat.
Mujadra - Claudia Roden the Book of Middle Eastern Food
1c lentils
4c broth
1/2 t all spice
chili powder
1T tomato paste
1 1/4 c bulghur
olive oil
2 onions

Cook first 6 ingredients for 20 min, add bulghur and cook for another 20. Saute the onions in oliveoil for a long time, about 30 min, till they are nice and brown. Stir some in and serve some on top. Good with yogurt and/or hot sauce.

'Jerusalem' Dinner Party

I got the Jerusalem cookbook by Ottoloenghei and Tamimi very recently, and a couple of days later we did a dinner party somewhat based upon it. We made hummus, flatbread from pizza dough, green zhoug, roasted butternut squash with tahini sauce, Steph brought some veggies to roast and made the spinach with dates salad, and Erin made a rose water cake. So good.
 selective focus action

 these were the 2 dishes that were from Jerusalem. the rest were from Claudia Roden's Middle East food and Jewish food. Both were killer.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

San Simeon area trip

Quick little weekend trip, Cambria Brewing, Washburn campground, elephant seals, southern Big Sur, Hearst Ranch beef, Moonstone beach. The new discovery was Frutiland in Arroyo Grande. Killer mexican food. I shot the D600, mostly with the 300mm, some 16mm. Sara the D200 with the 55mm. Full albums here, here.
early morning long exposure
pink eye

this dude had trouble finding the nipple...
Salmon Creek Falls

16mm fisheye

Piedras Blancas lighthouse
dry as heck mountains

Now for the lady not first D200 photos:
gang of babies
lots of nursing going on
family unit
selective focus

the corduroy lines are from the swell that caused the Mavs contest to run
Salmon Creek trail

Piedras Blancas again
Frutiland. Fish tacos, Azteca tacos (pasillas + cheese, fried), cantaloupe agua fresca, papaya/pneapple agua fresca. So good.

a couple of videos from the D600: