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Thursday, October 8, 2015

RIP Paul Prudhomme

I'm sure I've mentioned him before on the blog. Dude was a massive influence on the way I cook - he was a big proponent of high heat / letting things stick / deglazing. My folks had 'Seasoned America" on their cookbook shelf and it, along with Moosewood/Enchanted Broccoli Forest and Sonia Uvezian's the Cuisine of Armenia were my faves. Blackened anything......

Recent Food Pics

 fried green tomatoes and wild sockeye
 typical crappy photo. california mexican - catfish dredged in cornmeal and sauteed. leftovers warmed back up with salsa and cheese.
friend Steph makes kimchi. yum

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cascadia Earthquake, or NWC art + science!

Cool article about earthquakes in the pacific NW and indigenous peoples. Tim Paul, who did the second print in the article, did another one about earthquakes that I own. It's also sweet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lizzy Girl Action

 Lizzy is a piece of work. She likes to be petted, but she has a limit, at which point the claws come out. At which point the catnip mouse comes out for her to burn off the crazy.

particularly wild eyes

calm again, 1 min later

Heirloom French Melon

melons are hard to grow in our climate. this was the only one i got. it was worth it.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Colorful Food Pics

 summer dinner: pesto, avo, cuke (dragon's egg)
what i call tomato molasses - boiled down tomato juice & seeds from squeezing tomatoes

Banana Maple Froyo

Banana pancakes were the inspiration. Frozen bananas, cinnamon, maple syrup, "cinnamon whiskey" for the booze anti-freeze properties. Kinda funny, for Sara's going away party our friend Nicole got a pinata and filled it with all manner of things, including those little airplane-sized bottles of booze.

2c yogurt
1/2 c maple syrup
3 frozen bananas
~1T cinnamon whiskey

stickblend freeze stickblend

Sauer Collards

Took me a while to get on the vegetable fermentation bandwagon, but i'm good to go, now. also, we have ~10 collard green plants, so even with giving some away i'm drowning in them. The basic proportions are 5 lbs veg, 3T salt. I simply cut the collards crosswise and stirred in the salt in a big bowl, added some caraway and celery seeds, then stuffed in a 1 gallon jar. Make a brine that is 1.5T salt in 1Q water, and pour in the jar so the liquid covers the veg. add either some yogurt whey or some liquid from the previous batch (add active cultures). put the remaining brine in a ziploc bag and put on top of the collards so they are kept below the surface. Put the jar in a tray, it will overflow. I aged for a month. I love the collard stems. the leaves are healthy ;) Yet another amazing food pic..

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I've had some extra yogurt laying around lately so did some experimenting with frozen yogurt. This seems to be a good place to start. The basic proportions are: 1Q yogurt, 1 c sugar, pinch salt; a little booze 1-2 T helps it freeze less hard so is good. You treat yogurt as a liquid, the gel property of yogurt disappears with freezing, so if you do 2c yogurt + 2 c fruit juice it's the same amount of sugar. Maple frozen yogurt is 1Q yogurt, 3/4 c maple syrup, pinch salt. I liked it, but think I made it in the wrong season. Plus I made the mango one below and that is freaking awesome. Here are five fruit recipes, the three most interesting ones to me are mango (2c pulpy mango juice, 2c yogurt, 1c brown sugar, salt, zest/juice 2 limes, rum), orange creamsicle (Laura H made, delish, 1/2 c brown sugar instead of 3/4c white, 2T triple sec), and blackberry. If you don't have an icecream maker a pyrex pan and a fork to stir works, though pyrex + a stick blender is much better.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

David Lebovitz at Le Creuset

this is just awesome. lots of great pics, here is one.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Homemade Mustard

I've been meaning to make this for a while. Here's the deal. Sara moved up to Santa Cruz for a postdoc. When she was here when we had a beer, we would split it. Me cause I'm a lightweight, she cause, well, not sure. So I've had 2 half-ish bottles of beer recently and decided to make mustard 2x. The recipe is from David Lebovitz and calls for equal volumes of mustard seeds, beer, and white wine vinegar. Plus some other stuff. The one thing he doesn't say, but I read elsewhere after tasting the stuff, is you HAVE to let it rest for a while, maybe a week, before using. Mustard seeds are gnarly when freshly ground - super bitter. I used a white ale for the 1st batch and Lagunitas IPA for the 2nd. Both seem good. This stuff has a kick!

Homemade Mustard
1/3 cup mustard seeds (I used a mix of brown and yellow)
1/3 c good beer
1/3 c white wine vinegar
1T maple syrup
1t turmeric
1/2 t salt
chile powder

combine in a glass jar, cover, let sit 2-3 days
stickblend for ~3-5 min
wait for a week
mustard on collards is good

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Sauerruben is fermented turnips. It's similar to sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) but growing a ton of turnips is a heck of a lot easier than growing cabbages. I used the "recipe" from the Joy of Pickling by Linda Ziedrich. I say "recipe" cause there are 3 ingredients, turnips, salt, and caraway seeds. I used my bosch mixer with the food processor attachment to make quick work of the turnips (5 lbs), stirred in 3T of salt and 2 t of caraway seeds and let that sit for a bit. Then stuffed that into a gallon jar and put a ziplock bag with brine (1Q water, 1.5 T salt) in it in case the bag leaks on top, to keep the shredded turnips submerged. Put in a pie plate to catch the overflow. Fermented ~ 1 month. Super good.

This is batch #2. Turnips, rutabaga, beets, carrots. It has passed the overflowing stage but still has a couple of weeks to go.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Chile Flamingo Crops

 these 2 are from the first lake, the rest are from the second lake

 which do you prefer?

 I think I like the extreme crop more

 love this one, cropped slightly, might need to edit this crop still
 these 2 are magic