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Monday, February 22, 2010

WWSD? -- Straus Whole Milk x6

The return of WWSD? Very exciting. This time I was asking the question of myself; I make a gallon of yogurt every week, occasionally a gallon of milk gets converted to ricotta, too; last weekend I got 3 gallons of Straus whole milk 1/2 price. Milk is a funny thing. I'm not lactose intolerant but my brother is, and quite a few friends are, so I'm aware of it. That said, I much prefer fermented milk products (yogurt, buttermilk, creme fraiche), cause even though I can digest milk, I think you get more nutrition, more easily out of the fermented products. So part of this was deciding what to make, and part of it was doing a brain dump so I have a list for the future. In the end I kinda chickened out and made 2.5 gallons of yogurt, and then tapioca 2x with the remaining 1/2 gallon. Here's the list:

soft white cheese
hot chocolate
cocoa pudding
tapioca pudding
rice pudding
bechamel sauce
custard sauce
potato gratin
panna cotta
new england clam chowder
french toast
chongos zamoranos (Diana Kennedy: the essential cuisines of Mexico, p. 434)
queso de napoles (DK: tecoM, p.415)
flan a la antigua (DK: tecoM, p.413)

'Soft white cheese' is a soft, spreadable cheese, kinda like marscapone. You can order the stuff to make it from Ricki. She has a pretty amazing website, tons of ingredients, recipes, tips, etc. She has the stuff you need to make mozz, too. I really like cocoa pudding. There's a recipe on the box of Kingsford corn starch that I've made for at least 10 years, probably more. Tapioca pudding is good, especially the version with eggs in it, though the 2 versions I made this week were only soso, still trying to find the right recipe. Bechamel sauce is the thing for lasagne. Lastly 3 recipes from Diana Kennedy. I've made the 2nd two cooked custards a couple of times and they are great. The chongos sound really interesting, basically you go 1/2 way towards making cheese by adding rennet to milk, then instead of draining the whey you make syrup with it that the curds cook in. Sounds pretty good to me!

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