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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Santa Cruz Island June/July 2011

Spent 8 days on the island with Sara. We went to her Sauces and Upem Bishop Pine sites, camping some and staying at the field station some. Used a bunch of different vehicles, a 4x4 toyota pickup, a jeep, a Landcruiser, and a Kubota - basically a 4x4 golf cart. 'Twas my 2nd time there; she has spent over a year on the island all told. Lots and lots of photos, full album here. The highlights are a little disjointed because it was such a long trip, c'est la vie:
Scorpion, the NPS landing
Sauces, calzone and Black Butte Porter, fog coming over the saddle

predawn XPP measurement set up
lichen on old fence post from the ranching days

Bishop Pine
Sauces weather station

other side of the valley
the saddle, fog-free late afternoon
solar panel, anemometer, wind vane
later in the afternoon the fog came in...
...though the opposite ridge was still clear, Sara watercoloring
dinner 2nd nite

we had Tassajara gingerbread and yogurt for breakfasts, so good
toyota 4x4 pickup, parked at the field station to recharge the nitrogen tanks and recharge us, too...
Upem weather station, fog collectors lower left of image
chamise, it grows prostrate on the island
chamise with lichen

lots more sunset pics on picasa... I love sunsets into a fog layer
Upem site overview
from the pier at Prisoner's, while picking up Doug and Jasper
Doug and Sara, road out of Sauces, jeep
from Ridge Road, fog offshore but most of island hot and sunny
next day, looking down the valley at fog, but middle of island was sunny
Cruiser at Upem
Upem, fog in the channel, Santa Rosa in background
Bark beetle trails


What's up, Tiger Lily?

Kubota at Upem

SCI buckwheat
dirty, at pier at Prisoner's

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