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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Count This Penny / the Civil Wars

We listened to them on Prairie Home on a rainy day. Epic. I ordered their EP and pre-ordered their album. I must say, the other bands on Prarie Home this week seemed pretty strong, too... good episode. Kind of reminded me of the one from Nashville last year that the Civil Wars were on.

The Count this Penny website is great, they have a couple of songs streaming (bottom of your browser), Plymouth Duster is fantastic.

Lots of the Civil Wars on youtube. From this Valley is amazing, and not on their album. Sour Times (Portishead cover) is a nice touch. Record release party (HQ video), fullshow, individual songs. And some audio from NPR. Emmylou introducing them at the Grand Ole Opry, they do From this Valley. This is getting ridiculous, Billie Jean cover. You are my sunshine. Disarm. Amoeba in-store appearance -- this one is particularly good, 8 songs, great energy. Another Disarm, so good, it's from the same show as the From This Valley link above, New Orleans in 2011, you can buy the video of the full show for 8 bucks. I might, cause the energy of the 2 songs is high... Freebird / Disarm. Cool series (there are 4 parts) of them visiting a highschool classroom in Kansas.


  1. thanks for the great music leads!

  2. i added one more link, cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song...