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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nikon PB-4 Bellows

Got it on ebay. I really want the 85mm PC, but this is a starting point to make sure I like the movements. Basically these allow you to tilt the lens up/down or swing it left/right, or shift it up/down/left/right. What these movements do is change the focus plane, so you can either get alot more or alot less in focus. It works cause the lens itself is larger than a normal 35mm lens and you only access part of the glass. Anyway, some images:
 the standard thing to do is shoot it normal, then tilted down and up to show differences, so here's the standard comparison...

 Tilted right, neutral, then tilted left. One thing about the PB-4 is it doesn't have a scale on it so you can't tell how far you're tilting/swinging. In this case it seems like I swung it more than in the first set cause the band of focus is really narrow in the 3rd image.

 some nice one off shots

 Tilted up, tilted down, neutral

nice one off again
D600 with PB-4 tilted down with Bellows 105mm. The bellows are largely compressed and the focusing rail is behind the camera/lens

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