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Thursday, April 9, 2015

ABCs of Cooking in February

refried black bean, beet greens, broccoli, blue borage flower burritos

Long story short. My phd adviser is a little eccentric and at one point in time he tried to eat by the alphabet for some length of time. I.e. on monday he'd eat apples and asparagus and so forth. The precise details are hazy. Sara randomly met his housemate at the time who told her the story, and the seed was planted, so the VIPER lab decided to try eating dinners by the alphabet for a month. We chose February cause 28 days was the closest to 26, and it gave us a little while to psych up for it. Here's the geography news write up of us.

It was super fun up to about L, it began to drag on after that. Some of the more clever desserts were fluffernutter for "f" and nanas 'n' nutella for "n". There are some pretty fine alliterations if I do say so myself. Here's what we cooked for the month:

alphabet pasta w/ arabiatta suce + artichokes + albacore
refried black bean, beet greens, broccoli, blue borage flower burritos + fresh bread, butter, blackberry jam + blonde sour beer
cauliflower, collard, chard, coconut, cilantro curry w/ chile pickle
dal + leftover curry, date shakes
eggplant parmesan on einkorn wheat
frittata with fungi and feta cheese, fluffernutter sandwiches
grits with greens and ground beef gravy, growler of green valley ipa
hot chocolate, hamburgers w/ horseradish, home fries w/ honey + japanese horseradish dipping sauce
italian-ish, indian-ish, irish-ish mishmash dish.
jack shit till 10:51 cause the arlington tavern was too slow before the Avett Brothers; japanese pesto, blackberry jam
kasha w/ king bolletes, massaged kale (4 kinds of kale) salad w/ kalamata olives, kombucha, kiwi fruit
leftover beans/grains w/ preserved lemon; 4 layer salad w/ meyer lemon, lemonaise, loquat liqueur
multiple mushrooms, machaca de res, multiple misos soup; mango
nori; frijoles negro con liqueur de naranja, nutella 'n' 'nanas
savory oats w/ oregano, olive juice, olives, olive oil
pesto pizza, poached pears
qupe chardonay, quinoa dark chocolate bar
red curry w/ red meat, rainbow chard, rainbow kale, red potatoes, radish greens on rice noodles; rogue ales brutal bitter, rosemary tea
roasted squash & sweet potatoes w/ sesame seed paste sauce & sumac & sriracha; rogue ales shakespeare stout; sapote & sorbet
torchiette pasta, tuna, tomato sauce, turnip greens
uova strapazzate
vichyssoise w/ a splash of sherry vinegar and vermouth
wascaly leftovers, wasa crackers, watermelon wadish, water
X (ten) layer nachos w/ Xochitl chips and xiang cai (cilantro); xocolatl (chocolate)
yams, yelag yogurt
zwieback, green zhoug, zeytinyagli havuc, blood orange zest, zaca mesa mourvedre

 cauliflower, collard, chard, coconut, cilantro curry w/ chile pickle
hamburgers w/ horseradish, home fries (2 kinds of homegrown sweet potatoes)
multiple mushrooms, machaca de res, multiple misos soup
 watermelon radish

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