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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

le Tour 2010

Now that the World Cup is over I can concentrate on the Tour de France. I love the newsflashes, they have little nuggets like this:

The man who started the move today, Ryder Hesjedal is the best placed on GC of the escapees. He was 27th overall at the start of the day, 3’43" behind Chavanel. (He is Canadian, not ’Canandian’ as posted in the previous flash. That’s not even a word. Apologies for the typo.)
13:34 - Wedding Interrupts Francaise des Jeux Last Night... “It should be an interesting stage with plenty of animation but, having said that, the leaders are all trying to save themselves whenever possible so it’s a good opportunity for the outsiders to try something.” “Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone in our team got a good night’s sleep. There was a wedding in our hotel. I’m not sure what denomination the ceremony was but there was plenty of singing and dancing with a Krishna theme and the party lasted until five o’clock in the morning…!”

13:48 - Vogondy Upsets Tranquility
The Saxo Bank team is now chastising any rider who is attempting to bridge the gap to the four stage leaders. Vogondy tried but he was chased down and given a talking to by Chris Sorensen. Then an AG2R rider tried and Lance decided to boss him about a little - a shake of the head hints that he didn’t think it appropriate to keep chasing the escapees. Et voila, the attempt stopped... Who said there’s no patron in the peloton...?

This is the first time that Vasili Kiryienka has ridden the Tour. (Apologies for the numerous ways that his surname has been spelled during the course of today’s coverage... fat fingers were at work on the keyboard at times of haste.)
Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen posts.

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