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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution -- LA

I just watched the two LA episodes that have aired. The first one ('Maybe L.A. was a big mistake') is a little dry and depressing -- the LA school board doesn't want him in a school, and the fast food restaurant that he'd like to make healthier isn't very receptive. The second one ('I think I found a loophole') is a little more hopeful. The problem is no one is watching it, so ABC has the show on hiatus for a month. I really like the idea of the show, childhood obesity is a terrible problem, heck obesity in general, and getting kids to change their relationship with food at a young age seems like a no-brainer.
He's talking about using beef from cows where you know the provenance of the cow and you know what cut of meat is used to make ground beef. None of that 99 cents a pound crap...
He drives an 80s Toyota Landcruiser Wagon in the show. Bit of a gas guzzler, but you can't tackle obesity and climate change all at once :) This is from the second episode where he got the fast food restaurant to augment their menu with healthier/tastier menu items.

I forgot to write about episodes 3&4 when I watched them, and it's never fun to review from memory... basically he got the fast food restaurant styled up, and helped a single father and his kids to start to cook. They were good.

Episode 5 was classic. Support from UCLA and the American Heart Association. The visit to Carpinteria High was very inspiring. More shutdowns from the LA school district. Seems like I cry watching every episode... the food situations he is documenting are so messed up...

Episode 6 was uplifting. Too bad the show was cancelled, he was having some success, I'd be curious to learn what changes will occur. Here's the page to access all 6 episodes.

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