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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sauer Collards

Took me a while to get on the vegetable fermentation bandwagon, but i'm good to go, now. also, we have ~10 collard green plants, so even with giving some away i'm drowning in them. The basic proportions are 5 lbs veg, 3T salt. I simply cut the collards crosswise and stirred in the salt in a big bowl, added some caraway and celery seeds, then stuffed in a 1 gallon jar. Make a brine that is 1.5T salt in 1Q water, and pour in the jar so the liquid covers the veg. add either some yogurt whey or some liquid from the previous batch (add active cultures). put the remaining brine in a ziploc bag and put on top of the collards so they are kept below the surface. Put the jar in a tray, it will overflow. I aged for a month. I love the collard stems. the leaves are healthy ;) Yet another amazing food pic... update: it took me forever to eat this, again, loved the stems, otherwise not worth it.

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