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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fresh Air Food Week

A couple of re-run/compilation episodes of Fresh Air, the links are to the original full length interviews. The Harold McGee one is interesting. I actually thought I'd linked to it when it was on, as it occurred during the early days of the blog, but no dice. He's a food scientist. Well, he explores the science of cooking, he isn't a fuddy-duddy in some USDA lab... I listened to a Michael Pollan one today that wasn't in the re-runs, but it's great. It was from the Omnivore's Dilemma press tour. I knew 'free range' was sketchy, but his explanation of it made that clear: Free range means after 5 weeks of life in a factory farm hen house, a door is opened at each end of the house and the chickens could go outside. But they don't. They are then killed at 7 weeks. He signed off with this nugget: I don't think you can call yourself an environmentalist if you're thoughtless about what you are eating.

An old interview with Julia Child was great. The Bittman one is good but short. I quite liked the other food science-y one -- the bit on onions/sweet onions was interesting. The banana one is super interesting. They played segments from a couple of Ruth Reichel interviews, only 1 of which is available in entirety online, I did mention it on the blog way back in 2009.

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