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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chile, north central coast

The coast between Pan de Azucar and Fray Jorge. We probably went a little too quickly but didn't have time...
A running joke. We saw llamas and vicunas, but no guanacos; however, at the only gift shop that had t-shirts they didn't have llama or vicuna shirts, only guanaco shirts. So here is one of our guanaco sightings.
beach at chanaral. beautiful, but toxic due to mine waste

another guanaco sighting
we saw wildflowers along the panamerican, so started reading the books and they said to go to Parque nacional Llanosde Challe if there are flowers. So we did. There weren't many there, unfortunately, but it was beautiful. Also some neighboring campers gave us some wildflower tips, which didn't quite pan out, but lead to more mis-adventures.
mine tailings
campground at Llanos de Challe
chilean produce actually wasn't so hot, but looks good
another fishcamp shrine
kelp 'haysacks', maybe for composting??

lawyer stuff? no swimming signs were everywhere in Chile

colorful fishing village / vacation homes
Huasco, beautiful little town where a river from the Andes irrigates a whole bunch of olive orchards
 our first empanadas were procured here

we got a kilo of olives here. yum
old mine on wildflower wild goose chase road

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