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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chile, San Pedro de Atacama area, road towards el Tatio northbound

We didn't go all the way to the el Tatio geysers, saving that for another trip, plus we had just a few days up in the altiplano. The road was beautiful and passed through a wetland area that had llamas, vicunas, and andean and chilean flamingos.
 yet another amazing vista
 why did the llama cross the road?
 the Bee enjoying the scenery

 first herd of vicunas
 vicunas at our first flamingo lake
 chilean (pink butt) flamingos

 andean (black butt) flamingos

 llama with braided hair

 altiplano. amazing. there were some interesting camp sites up here, the best one was occupied so we ended up turning around and camped downhill a little.

 road to somewhere
 Sara watercoloring in a crazy landscape...

 ... and some vicunas ran by
the dark splotch towards the lower left is a huge pile of vicuna crap, they apparently like to poop in the same area

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