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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kefir Sherbet

I still have to do a Kefir post, though there is plenty of info out there... Have been making it with raw goat milk that I've traded veggies/fruit for. Anyway, I've mostly been drinking it for lunch, but have made sherbet a couple of times, it's just like yogurt or buttermilk sherbet, 1Q fermented milk, 10 oz sugar, plus whatever. Pictured are a lemon one and a lemon + raspberry jam that was particularly good. The third color is store bought blood orange sorbet which was weak, even though Ciao Bello is supposed to make good stuff.


  1. Lou loves this -- he calls it "rice cream"-- we discovered when I was trying to chill some coconut rice pudding (with black thai rice)and forgot to remove from freezer; L requested a scoop piled into an ice cream cone... wish I'd taken a purple face picture

  2. oops-- above comment about the rice one, not kefir

  3. how do you soften the rice cream? regular rice pudding freezes pretty hard without booze or extra sugar, eating it from a cone would seem difficult. perhaps that explains the purple face, though ;)