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Monday, June 28, 2010

Chile vs. Brasil

Should be some goals in this one! Chile with the classic all white jerseys. Jeez, Brasil is good; Chile is playing scared. That was a beautiful goal. x2.

I don't see how Brasil doesn't win it all. Not really going out on a limb much, obviously. I like their team this year, no annoying players like in the recent past....

3rd Brasil goal gorgeous as well. The announcers were talking about a razor blade/firecracker story, googled it, it's pretty awesome. Chile clearly has a long-term fear of Brasil. #1 footbal dive ever:

1: Roberto Rojas
Brazil v Chile, World Cup qualifier, 3 September 1989

Overrun and intimidated, Chile needed a way out. The plan: force an abandonment and a replay in a neutral venue. The execution: on 69 minutes, goalkeeper Rojas threw himself into the smoke of a firecracker, which had landed nearby, pulled a razor blade from his glove and stabbed himself in the head. The result: lots of blood, a mass brawl, a walkout, an abandonment - but, after video evidence, no replay. Instead, Brazil were awarded the game, Chile were out of one World Cup and excluded from the next, Rojas was banned for life and the woman who threw the firecracker was signed up by Playboy Brazil. In May 2001, Fifa lifted the ban. 'At 43, I'm unlikely to play again,' said Rojas, now coach at São Paulo, 'but at least this pardon will cleanse my soul.'

Lions, Kruger, July 1987

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